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What is Masterclass?
What is Masterclass?
Updated over a week ago

Masterclass is a series of monthly interactive video streams with elite chess players.

Starting from today all our PRO Subscribers will have the exclusive opportunity to engage with and learn from these renowned masters, discussing strategies and insights to elevate your game. To explore Masterclass, go to "Learn" section of Arena.

Masterclass aims not only to make you play better but to meet and get to know the world’s chess elite. Masterclasses are a series of monthly online lessons and Q&A sessions with the world’s top grandmasters such as Svidler, Kramnik, Dubov, Harikrishna, and more.

They will run you through their vast knowledge of chess strategies and draw upon their personal experiences on how to get in mental and physical shape, get prepared for an important tournament, or how to overpower a specific formidable opponent.

Upgrade to PRO account today and start learning 🤓

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