What is PRO membership?
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PRO Membership on FOA is for those who want to play online-rated games and work towards getting their FIDE Online Arena Titles recognized by FIDE. Playing rated games gives you a start in professional chess. Here is where you can buy a subscription.

What an updated PRO Membership includes:



  • Game archive and PGN download

  • Game analysis & key moments

  • Board designs

  • National board designs

  • Unlimited Puzzles

  • Puzzle Rating

  • Full masterclass collection with top GMs

  • Live masterclass sessions

  • SOON Ad module for your own sponsor

  • 10% discount to the official World Chess products

  • SOON 10% discount at the World Chess Offline Clubs

  • SOON Streaming tools

Free membership for Titled Players

Titled players are eligible for lifetime free PRO subscription!

This applies to WIM, IM, WGM, and GM titles.

If you are a holder of such title, please get in touch with support@chessarena.com to request a free PRO subscription. Please include a selfie where you are holding your ID (passport or driver’s license) and your FIDE ID number.

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