What is FIDE ID verification? Is it mandatory?

It’s the fastest way to get FIDE ID and get a FIDE proflle

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Basically, we have to verify your identity to make sure that you are you. This is also the fastest way to get your FIDE ID, verification badge on Arena, and a profile on fide.com.

But first, let’s see what is FIDE ID.

What is FIDE ID?

FIDE ID is your individual number (just like a passport or social security number, but for chess). It’s assigned by FIDE once, and is linked to your chess profile. When you take part in official tournaments or on FIDE Online Arena, get titles, and have your official rating, it’s all linked to your FIDE ID.

You have to have FIDE ID to take part in the official Over-the-board tournaments. You can receive your FIDE ID via a national chess federation or here, on FIDE Online Arena.

FIDE ID Verification

The FIDE ID verification is a FIDE-approved personal data verification process, mandatory for all new Pro-members of the platform. When you complete the basic information (that includes name, date and city of birth, chess federation, and country), you will be asked to send us a picture of your photo ID with a selfie.

We will get your information and will try to verify your request instantly, but it might take up to 48 hours depending on the volume of the requests. We are also developing a useful bot to be able to verify you right here.

In case we have questions or need more info based on FIDE requirements, we will get in touch directly.

The same process applies in case you need to connect your existing FIDE ID to the Arena account. Once you linked your FIDE ID to the Arena account, we will still ask to verify your documents — this way we avoid instances of users impersonating grandmasters and otherwise violate FIDE and Arena requirements.

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