How do I play my first game?
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To play your first game, click on "Arena" on the home page and choose what kind of game you'd like to play. You can choose between "Single games" and "Tournaments".

Single games are one on one games.

There are 3 types of single games:
1) Non-rated
Available for everyone and perfect for training

2) Rated
Available for the World Chess members and PRO members and affects World Chess Rating

3) FOA Rated
Available for PRO Members and affects FOA Rating

To play a single game, set your desired time control, opponent's rating, and type of a geme and click on "Find opponent".

You can also start a game by clicking on your Active games.

There are also 3 types of opponents you can play a single game with:
1) Play Computer
2) Play with another member of the platform
3) Play with a friend

Tournaments are a series of chess games played competitively with multiple opponents. To find out more about the tournaments please go to this FAQ section.

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