FOA Sportsmanship Policy

Best practices and best ways to make Arena a friendly environment for chess players

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FIDE Online Arena encourages players to be respectful and to show good sportsmanship. Our Sportsmanship Policy requires players to abide by the following rules and principles that, we are sure, everyone will appreciate:

  • Do not stall to make opponents wait unnecessarily between moves;

  • Do not intentionally disconnect during games or abort games;

  • Do not join tournaments without the intention of participating in them;

  • Do not harass their players or users, and do not use offensive language in relation to other players or FIDE Online Arena team members (this includes tournament chats, email, and any other means of communication connected with the platform);

  • Do not spam or flood the chats;

  • Do not publicly accuse other players of fair play violations — if you would like to flag the game, deploy one of many options available to all players;

  • Do not violate the Fair Play Policy.

👮🏻 We hope it will never come to that, but the appropriate actions will be taken against the accounts of players who blatantly violate our Sportsmanship Policy. The sanctions can include banning violators’ account for 24 hours or more at the discretion of the arbitrator. We will try to reach out to those who are suspected in violation of the Sportsmanship policy before taking action, but do not guarantee it in case of severe violations.

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