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How do I report unfair play?
How do I report unfair play?

If you suspect cheating, don’t try to accuse your opponent publicly, but report the game, and we’ll check it right away.

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Anti-cheating is hugely important for FIDE Online Arena, FIDE, and World Chess — everyone will have a safe environment to enjoy chess.

On the Arena, Fair Play is maintained by our own bespoke suite, the NightWatch, that tracks every game and flags possible fair play violations that are reviewed by the Fair Play team. GM Evgeny Miroshnichenko is the Chief Fair Play officer.

How to report a suspected fair play violation?

If you suspect your opponent of unfair play during the game, you can alert the Fair Play team during the the game by clicking on “three dots” icon to the left of the board, and then on the "Report" button. You’ll be asked to fill in a short report form.

If you want to report a possible Fair Play violation after the game or anytime, please email with a link to the game. This game will undergo additional fair play screening and in case there are irregularities, the game will be reviewed by the Fair Play team.

In case the game is determined illegal, the rating points that you might have lost will be restored.

Soon, Arena will introduce a custom bot to report potential fair play violations.

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