How to claim a FOA title?
Updated over a week ago

Once you reached a certain rating and kept it for a certain number of games (you can read full eligibility rules here), you do not need to claim your FOA title. Arena checks if you reached the title level automatically and adds it to your profile. If you do not see your title in your Arena and/or Fide profile immidiately, no worries — this info just has to take some time to sync.

♟Note: a player can not skip the titles. In other words, a player will not be eligible for the AGM title before they claim ACM, AFM, and AIM.

With our new subscription plan, you'll enjoy the added benefit of not having to pay any additional fees for titles.

You will get the official FIDE certificate, and your FIDE profile on both the Arena and FIDE website will be updated.

♟Tip: Only Pro-members can qualify for the FOA titles.

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