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What will happen to my 25€ per year plan?
What will happen to my 25€ per year plan?
Updated over a week ago

If you've been subscribed to Arena for a while, you probably wondering what will happen to your subscription. Basically nothing but good things ;)

Your account will stay active and you'll get all the benefits of the upgraded PRO subscription. When your annual billing circle ends, you'll be able to choose your new plan. The options will be the following: 49.99€ per year or 6€ per month.

Here's what you'll gain access to with our upgraded PRO subscription:

1. Puzzles: Sharpen your tactical and strategic prowess with a collection of engaging puzzles. Challenge yourself and rise in the ranks with our rated puzzles.

2. Exclusive Masterclasses: Now live masterclasses with the world’s strongest GMs are part of your PRO subscription! Explore an extensive archive of the previous classes and get access to new live events monthly including Q&A with the Grandmasters (available in web version).

3. Personalized Chessboard Designs: Customize your chessboard to match your style with an array of aesthetic options. Make every game uniquely yours.

4. Unlimited Game Analysis: Become a PRO player and enjoy unrestricted game analysis. This feature will soon be limited to 5 games per day for non-paying users. Don't miss the chance to analyze your mistakes and wins and improve with every game.

5. Monthly subscription added: Not ready for an annual commitment? No problem! Try our PRO plan for just 6€ a month and experience all the benefits. Decide for yourself if it's worth it.

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