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How to join Swiss Queens Wednesday?

How to subscribe, get your pro account, and join the tournament

Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Swiss Queens Wednesday participation guide!

To join the tournament, you must possess either FIDE or FIDE Online Arena title and be an active PRO Arena subscriber.

If that’s already you, just go to the tournament page and click Join.

If you are a FIDE titled chess player, but you do not have an Arena account, please register on Arena (it’s free) and inform us of your title by sending an email to

Your letter should include the following information:

  • A selfie where you are holding your ID (passport or driver's license will work perfectly)

  • your current FIDE ID number

    Our team will upgrade your account to PRO and you’ll be all set for the tournament. Your initial rating will correspond to your OTB rating.

If you are not FIDE titled player, but you have a FIDE Online Arena title you are welcome to participate!

If your PRO subscription is not active at the moment, you’ll need to upgrade your account.

How to Upgrade to PRO?

You'll be able to upgrade to PRO by clicking on your profile icon and on "Upgrade to PRO"

You'll be redirected to the page where you can choose your plan. You can either choose monthly or annual access.

Choose your payment method and fill in all the details. Click on "Subscribe".

Check this collection to find out more about payments.

Done! Now you can benefit from PRO plan features and participate in Swiss Queens Tournaments!

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