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How can I report an issue?
How can I report an issue?
Updated over a week ago

Something went wrong? No worries! Here is our guide on solving the issues as quick as possible.

Let's start with the following steps:

• Update your browser or app to the latest version

• Disable any firewall or VPN

• Turn off all browser extensions except for your wallet, including Google Translate or pop-up blockers

• Clear your cache

• Try the same action on an entirely different browser, device, or network

If that does not help, please describe your issue in details so we could pass this to the IT department. The description should include your app version or browser name and a few words about what exactly goes wrong. Screenshots would also be very helpful. Please send that to

We'll get back to you as soon as we look into the issue 🤓

You can also report the issue right during the game. To do so, click on “three dots” icon to the left of the board, and then on the "Report" button. You’ll be asked to fill in a short report form. Choose “report a bug” and fill in all the required fields. We’ll look into the issue and fix it if the problem is indeed on our side.

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