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Can I watch the Armageddon Championship Series?
Can I watch the Armageddon Championship Series?

The event is shown live on television, Youtube, and Twitch

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Armageddon is a series that has been developed specifically for live television, so you can watch it live on TV as well as online. And we hope that you will!

Before going further, simply subscribe to the World Chess Youtube account and you will get notice when new events are released. Just click the bell icon!

The Armageddon Series is also broadcast live on television. Here is a current list of channels that carry the event, and please check back to see updates, as we expect more broadcasters to pick it up.

The Armageddon Series is innovative in terms of format, design, and features. For example, it shows the players’ heart rates.

For press inquiries and accreditation for offline events, please contact

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