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What’s ‘New Status’ for Pro-players?
What’s ‘New Status’ for Pro-players?

‘New’ status means that you played less than 5 games and didn’t have a single decisive game

Updated over a week ago

You just got your PRO subscription (congratulations!), and your status on FIDE Online Arena will appear as ‘New’. That means that you didn’t play enough games and don’t have any history on the platform.

According to FIDE Regulations, when you receive your initial FOA Rating in one of the time controls, you have to play at least 5 FOA-rated games (and one of them has to be a draw or a win). Once you complete this (easy) requirement, you will be assigned your first rating and will be on the way to your chess journey!

The same system works for Over-the-board chess, but it’s especially relevant for online: the platform uses your games to deploy FairPlay protection — we want you and everyone else to have a very safe and fair environment.

TIP: To play in Armageddon, you need to get an actual rating (i.e. play at least 5 games and draw or win one)

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