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What is Armageddon and how can I play?
What is Armageddon and how can I play?
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Armageddon is a series of tournaments which consist of both online qualification events and Over-the-Board (OTB) tournaments. The strongest players of the world take part, but because of the format, even novices have a shot to face them in the final!

Armageddon is a chess series where players compete under immense time pressure in the most dramatic chess format ever. Anyone can join and qualify online for the final over-the-board tournaments that take place in the spectacular Armageddon Arena in the heart of Berlin.

The finals will feature the winners of the online qualifications fighting it out in blitz and Armageddon matches against the world’s strongest grandmasters, with play-by-play announcers, sideline coverage, and exciting interactive elements. The series is broadcast live on television and online.

All Pro-users can take part in the qualifying events and have a chance at large cash prizes and an opportunity to enter the final. You can see full schedule and register at the dedicated Armageddon page.

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