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Analysis and Key Moments
Analysis and Key Moments

Easy way to analyze your game and spot key moments

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After you complete a game on FIDE Online Arena, you can instantly see an analysis of the game and key moments displayed on a visual timeline and on the board.

The system analyzes the game and points you to key or vital moments in the game (up to 5 key moments) when the situation on the board changed the most. This way you can spot those moments and see if you or your opponent blundered or made a brilliant move.

The key moments are also marked in red on the visual timeline of the game.

If you click on the board with a key moment, the position on the main board will jump to the key moment so you can analyze your game. This feature is free and available for all games played on the Arena.

If you are interested in a more in-depth analysis of your game, check out our Paid Analysis feature โ€” a professional analysis of their games, conducted by a FIDE-certified chess coach and grandmaster Evgeny Miroshnichenko.

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