Welcome to the Arena. It’s very easy to get a Pro-membership and start playing for the official FOA rating recognized by FIDE. You will also get a FIDE ID (unless you already have one) and a profile page on both Arena and FIDE sites.

If you already have an Arena account:

You just need to upgrade. On your profile page, click ‘Membership’ and chose ‘Pro-account’, and follow simple instructions. You can pay for the membership with any credit card or via PayPal.

Because it’s an account verified by FIDE, you will also need to go through a simple verification procedure, and you will have your own official FIDE ID and will start playing for the rating recognized by FIDE.

If you are new on the Arena and don’t yet have an account:

Please click to “Become a member”, choose the Pro-account plan, click on “Become a member” and follow the simple instructions. You can pay via 💳 or PayPal.

Paying by Invoice:

If it’s more convenient, you can also request an invoice (email support@chessarena.com) or simply pay via this link: https://buy.stripe.com/28o6oUdJQ8xv68o000

Once you made the payment, please write to support@chessarena.com so we can mark your account as Pro, get you verified, and wish you good luck on your chess journey!

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