When you sign up for a free FIDE Online Arena account, you don’t automatically get FIDE ID. For that, you will need to sign up for a PRO account and do a simple verification (so that we know that you are not impersonating someone else!).

Free FOA account is perfect for those who play from time to time and do not want to have a rating recognized by FIDE.

Once you upgrade to a Pro-account, you will get a FIDE ID (unless you already have one — in this case you will be able to connect your existing FIDE ID to your Arena account).

To subscribe, please click here and change your plan to PRO.

Players with active subscriptions and completed profiles are able to play on our platform with a FOA Rating, participate in official online tournaments, receive FOA Titles recognized by FIDE, and have an active, automatically updating profile on fide.com.

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