Welcome to FIDE Online Arena. It’s very easy to create a free or Pro account on the Arena and start your chess journey.

There are two kinds of accounts — free and Pro — they both are excellent ways to start playing on the Arena and get access to tournaments and analysis, but Pro account also gives you the official FOA rating, recognized by FIDE, the chess governing body, FIDE ID — your passport to the official gaming, and a right to qualify for FOA titles.

To create a FOA account, click on the "Become a member" button and choose your plan. After you choose your plan, click on the "Become a member" again, fill in all required info, and click "Confirm".

Above, a pop-up for free registration. You can click on ‘become a member’ to register. Click on Pro-account (it costs EUR25,00 per year) to join as a Pro-member. You will go through a very easy verification process and will get FIDE ID and other benefits.

To check if you need to subscribe to a PRO plan please read this article. Remember, you can upgrade anytime!

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