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Do I have to buy a subscription?
Do I have to buy a subscription?

How to buy a pro-subscription

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The FIDE Online Arena is fun and useful for both users who have a subscription and those who don’t. The subscription is for those who want to play online-rated games and work towards getting the FIDE Online Arena Titles recognized by FIDE. Playing rated games gives you a start in professional chess (here is where you can buy a subscription).

But you can also enjoy the Arena without having a paid subscription. You can:

  • Play unrated games

  • Play in World Chess tournaments

  • Play in prized tournaments with an entry fee

  • Analyze your games

  • Get online tournament certificates

  • Start or join Clubs

  • Resolve Puzzles

For some of these features, you might consider registering for free — you will be able to save your game history and chat with friends and opponents.

You might be eligible for a free Pro subscription if:

  • you have subscribed at Old Fide Arena and your subscription has not expired yet. In that case please send the sync request to

  • you are an offline player titled with WIM / IM / WGM / GM

Titled offline players will be assigned a free online pro membership.

To get the promo code please send the following information to

  • A selfie where you are holding your ID (passport or driver's license will work perfectly)

  • your current FIDE ID number

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